About Me


I am a self taught artist and paint by emotion and instinct. I started painting in 2012 after retiring from the U.S. Navy as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer and then as a licensed veterinary technician. It was a “Sip and Stroke” painting party that brought back the memories of me as a little child, drawing all the time and wanting to go to art school. My parents’ plan was for me to graduate from college and have a professional career so I was discouraged from pursuing art. Now, in the last 7 years, I have built a successful business selling my work and teaching acrylic painting and graphite drawing.
I am inspired by colors, especially warm earthy colors of rusts and gold.  I use layers of thin paint to blend and create a realistic picture that invokes nostalgic memories of a time or place in our childhood. The beach is also very inspiring to me because of its soothing to my soul, bringing me a feeling of calmness and completion.
I am a member of Tullahoma Arts Center, the Elk Valley Crafters Association, and Arts Huntsville.

9 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Chris, what amazing art! I am so happy to know you have found a hidden talent besides the talent you had in the Navy. It was great to see you. I will be checking your new art from time to time.
    Love to a dear friend, Kim


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